Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey Day to St. Mary's

Today was the first time we had been to St. Mary's in a few weeks. It was nice to be back to see the students again. My group started in the cafeteria and I played a Pooh Bear game with a few of the children. As the game went on we started to have more and more fun. We then went up into the gym and played a kicking game where the students would "create a feast" by hitting different Thanksgiving foods with soccer balls. This game started off smooth but became kind of hectic after a little while. This students got off task and just wanted to kick the balls around and run. We then changed the game to maneuvering in and out of cones and being able to take a shot on goal. The students stayed interested in this game longer because they wanted to score on the college kids. This game let us become more involved and I find that when we are more involved in the game it is easier to control the group. When we are a larger part of the game we can control the pace and a lot of actions without them even noticing. After this game came to a close they had some free time to do whatever they wanted. By this time a lot of the students had gone home so we did our best to stay busy and try to interact with as many students as we could. With their Thanksgiving break approaching many of the students' attention was short and thinking about a few days off from school. I cannot wait to see them next time and see how their holiday went.

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