Monday, November 30, 2009

Circus day at St. Mary's

I noticed that I had missed a blog about circus day at St. Mary's. This day was very fun and everyone got into the circus spirit. People wore bright colors and had a little more energy than usual. Our group had the task of doing some closet organizing but we did not spend the entire time doing that. We organized some of the storage bins in the gymnasium then were able to play with the students. The students cooperated well this day and we got to join in at the end of the game they were playing at the time. When they were given free time the students were still anxious to play with us and that made them easy to work with. Megan asked me if I would play duck, duck, goose with her and a girl because no one else wanted to play. Within the first few minutes everyone saw how much fun we were having and many more students joined in. They were comfortable with us and would used funny names like cheese instead of duck to have a good time with each other. Circus day was one of the most fun at the school so I do not know how I could forget to blog about it.

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